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Punch Up


Prosocial Design Network

A library of design interventions to encourage prosocial behaviors online

A growing archive of 1000+ design resources, weekly updated for the community.

Empathy Prompts

This site loads one of a series of prompts to help the user empathize with people experiencing various conditions, from Multiple Sclerosis to near-sightedness.

Humanity Innovation Labs

Humanity Innovation Labs is an agile consultancy that offers Mixed Methods Research, UX/UI, and Industrial Design services for emerging technologies within wearable computing (e.g. physical devices and digital experiences).

Terreform ONE

Terreform ONE is a nonprofit architecture and urban design research group. We endeavor to combat the extinction of planetary species through pioneering acts of design.

Designers United for Ukraine

We are a collective that helps designers impacted by the conflict in Ukraine reach safety and find new work opportunities.

California Design System

The Design System makes it easy for state digital teams to build accessible, consistent, and performant services and products to meet Californians’ needs.

Stanford Impact Lab Design Fellowship

We make one-year, $50,000 investments in faculty from across the university who want to conceptualize new impact labs through participation in our year-long Impact Lab Design Fellowship.

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