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A data-driven movement to funnel philanthropic resources based on the most good those resources can do. The movement debates and researchs that question. For example, do animal lives count in the goal of reducing suffering as much as possible? How does projected future suffering from future crises weigh against current crises?

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FTX Foundation's Future Fund

Funding massively-scalable, long-termist projects with an effective altruism lens

FTX Foundation

The FTX Foundation is a philanthropic collective. We are funded principally by Sam Bankman-Fried and other senior principals at FTX. Our charitable activities are also supported by FTX users and employees, who make contributions to FTX Philanthropy Inc., a non-profit organization, through the FTX Giving program.


We search for the charities that save or improve lives the most per dollar.

Effective Ventures Foundation

Effective altruism is a research field and practical community that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice. Read our intro

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