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"Learn without explicit programming, using examples, to develop a model that can make decisions." -

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Climate Intelligence (CLINT)

The CLIMATE INTELLIGENCE – alias CLINT – project is a European-funded project whose main objective is to develop an Artificial Intelligence framework composed of Machine Learning techniques and algorithms to process big climate datasets for improving Climate Science...

LAPD to use AI to analyze body cam videos for officers' language use

One of multiple studies in the US using artificial intelligence to analyze the tone and word choice police officers use, to determine whether it leads to unnecessarily escalations with the public..

Hugging Face

The HF Hub is the central place to explore, experiment, collaborate and build technology with Machine Learning.

Fingerspelling is a browser-based app that uses a webcam and machine learning to analyze your hand shapes so you can learn to sign the ASL alphabet correctly.

Deepfakes for good

An article tracking the development of pro-social deepfakes, despite the vast majority consisting of pornographic images of women


LandOS facilitates project design, due diligence, finance and certification – all key to unlocking supply at scale.




SunTec.AI is an experienced data annotation company that offers premium data annotation services across diverse industry verticals. We create customized business-specific solutions for advanced domains, like AI & ML, robotics, healthcare, and technology.


This project uses advanced machine learning techniques to detect propaganda accounts on Twitter.

Community Safety and Wellness Accelerator

AI/ML fueled social impact venture accelerator, powered by Alchemist. Leveraging entrepreneurship, data, etc. to help solve our community's pressing challenges!

Local Voices Network (LVN)

Local Voices Network (LVN)

25 Kingston St, Boston

Developed by the non-profit Cortico, the Local Voices Network (LVN) is a unique physical-digital network designed to bring under-heard community voices, perspectives and stories to the center of a healthier public dialogue.

Autogrid Flex

Flex, the company’s flagship product, predicts and controls tens of thousands of energy resources from millions of customers by ingesting, storing, and managing petabytes of data from trillions of endpoints.

Programa de Derechos Humanos

Programa de Derechos Humanos

Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

El Programa de Derechos Humanos busca, desde su creación en el año de 1998, contribuir a la plena vigencia de los derechos humanos en México a través de la investigación con pertinencia social, la incidencia en el contexto político y social y la promoción de la justicia.



Paris, France

Massive collective intelligence is the capacity to mobilize communities on a large scale (hundreds and thousands of participants) around key stakes and challenges to co-create new solutions in a short space of time.


A startup developing an automated toolkit for energy monitoring and management


ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students. The library provides access to machine learning algorithms and models in the browser, building on top of TensorFlow.js with no other external dependencies.

Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

Here we describe how machine learning can be a powerful tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping society adapt to a changing climate.



Google, 8th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Perspective is an API that uses machine learning to spot abuse and harassment online.

Facebook AI mapping for humanitarian aid and development

Building on our previous publication of similar high-resolution population maps for 22 countries, we're now releasing new maps of the majority of the African continent, and the project will eventually map nearly the whole world’s population. Using weakly- and semi-supervised learning.

Conversation AI

Conversation AI

Google, 8th Avenue, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA

Conversation AI is a collaborative research effort exploring ML as a tool for better discussions online.

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