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Autonomous or semi-autonomous chat agents that interact with people for the purpose of achieving a civic goal, like registering a vote or capturing citizen feedback.

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a tool that brings more transparency to the use of bots in Brazil.


Você sabia que muitos problemas da gestão pública podem ser solucionados com Inteligência Artificial ?


Twitter bot that tweets US Capitol Hill jobs from nearly 20 sources. By Demand Progress.


This bot is a project of @DemandProgress that tweets a round up of House and Senate leadership press releases.


This is a public interest bot, a project of Demand Progress, that tweets primary source announcements concerning US House and Senate Appropriations


Twitter bot making US Congressional Research Service reports publicly available to all. By Demand Progress.


#SelfCare is a free, simple, and beautiful AI companion for joy, self-connection, and hope.

LegBranchProcurementBot Twitter bot

A Twitter bot to tweet out procurements on occurring for the legislative branch

fábrica de bots

fábrica de bots (digitaliza, automatiza y analiza tus procesos) servicios y consultoría

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