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Research shows that voters are more likely to vote if they have a plan on what they need to do, logistically, on the day they cast their ballot. This genre of civic tech makes it easy for a voter to put together a plan that coincides with local election dates, deadlines, locations, and modalities.

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Wholly embeddable voter registration, polling place lookup, reminders, absentee, and election date tools for your organization.

When We All Vote

When We All Vote

United States of America (the)

It's time to make your plan to vote together with your squad!

Register to vote. Check your registration status. Get your absentee ballot. Fast, free, easy, secure, nonpartisan.



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The encyclopedia of American politics

A website dedicated to helping employers create vote-friendly workplace policies, and celebrating those that do

I Will Vote

Select your state, make sure you're registered to vote, then choose how you're going to vote this year. Built by the Democrats.

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