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Constituent Relationship Management software helps organizations and movements maintain roles of their members, and often includes a suite of tools for managing those relationships.


DigitaleBox CRM is a CivicTech, SaaS Software, a communication CRM for institutions, local & federal governments, candidates and political organizations.


Lutece is an open source platform developed by the City of Paris to help you develop digital solutions.

Gravyty Stewardship

The first-ever AI solution for thanking and cultivating donors.

Gravyty Guide

This weekly digest email helps you more efficiently manage your portfolio so you prioritize the right donors at the right time and raise more

Campaign OS

The All-in-One Campaign Management Dashboard for Democrats and Progressives


An American privately owned voter database and web hosting service provider used by the Democratic Party, Democratic campaigns, and other non-profit organizations authorized by the Democratic Party. - Wikipedia

Benefit Kitchen

Every year 103 million Americans leave $80 billion in benefits unclaimed. We help inform consumers so they receive the benefits they’ve earned.


Catalist compiles, enhances, stores, and dynamically updates data on over 256 million unique voting-age individuals across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Working with Catalist can help you build membership, target persuasive messaging, engage activists, drive an issue agenda, and register or mobilize voters.

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