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A new generation of user-friendly generative AI tools that allow people to create entire applications, essays, videos, images, songs, and more from simple prompts.

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United States of America (the)

The First AI Legal Assistant, Made for Lawyers



United States of America (the)

An AI startup's chatbots representing each of the 17 major US presidential candidates.

LAPD to use AI to analyze body cam videos for officers' language use

One of multiple studies in the US using artificial intelligence to analyze the tone and word choice police officers use, to determine whether it leads to unnecessarily escalations with the public..

Civic AI Handbook

The Civic AI Handbook is for digital leads of civic organisations who want to develop generative AI strategies for their organisations / departments / teams.




Dive is not just an AI assistant; it's your partner in optimizing meetings for maximum efficiency.

Hugging Face

The HF Hub is the central place to explore, experiment, collaborate and build technology with Machine Learning. Join the open source Machine Learning movement!


"Albus is an AI powered brainstorming tool that allows you to explore topics in depth. Helps prompt ideas so you can expand your knowledge with a mind map style visuals. Great for education and research."

Meta's Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) model

Our Massively Multilingual Speech AI research models can identify more than 4,000 spoken languages, 40 times more than any known previous technology. These models expand text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology from around 100 languages to more than 1,100.


Text to video Text to speech Generate text


Text to video, Text to speech


Audience targeting, Response analysis

Open Field

Open Field

Los Angeles, CA

OpenField is a canvassing application for more complex conversations that can push richer qualitative context back into a central repository of voter-insights.

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