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311 systems provide simple, user-friendly interfaces for residents to communicate with city government. This may take the form of dialing 311 on a phone or providing data through an app or other digital channel.

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Custodianship in the Urban Commons

BARI has worked closely with the Mayor’s Office of New urban Mechanics and the 311 system examine how Bostonians contribute to the maintenance of the public spaces and infrastructure of neighborhoods—that is, custodianship in the urban commons.

“Seeing” Neighborhoods through “Big” Data

Modern administrative data—from 311 and 911 calls to building permit applications to Tweets—offer a detailed view of events and conditions across the city.



New York City

Reported lets you submit feedback about NYC taxis in 30 seconds. Reported submits this feedback directly to NYC's 311 system and the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission.



San Francisco

Bonayo is free user-supported software that helps San Francisco citizens see every 311 call in the City.

Open 311

A collaborative model and open standard for civic issue tracking

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