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How can you help? Where can you take action? These sites and wizards connect your desire to make an impact to active channels for participation.

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Chicago, IL

Create and Explore world-changing petitions, events, fundraisers, and boycotts all in one place.

מפת מחאות יום ד' 1.3.23

""Here’s a real-time map of the hundreds of protests taking place across Israel as the pro-democracy movement there hits its ninth week of massive participation. An estimated 400,000 people turned out across the country last weekend; that’s five percent of its population" - Micah Sifry, The Connector

Michigan, USA

An aggregator of Black Lives Matter protests across the US

Signal Boost

It answers the question “what can we do” by boosting the hell out of the great work being done in the resistance.



United States of America

The right's answer to ActBlue, ActRight aggregates actions and donations to conservative causes

I Take Actions

I Take Actions

Abuja, Nigeria

A web platform where citizens take civic action for issues they care about

Resistance Dashboard

Search the list of progressive organizations to find the right opportunity for taking action based on your interests.

Impactive (formerly OutVote)

Impactive (formerly OutVote)

240 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144, USA

Outvote is a friend-to-friend texting app for political campaigns. We allow you to digitally volunteer for campaigns by reaching out to your friends with

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