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How can you help? Where can you take action? These sites and wizards connect your desire to make an impact to active channels for participation.


Beacon makes it easy for you to take action on the issues that you care about.

Daily Action

Resisting extremism in America, one phone call at a time. Text DAILY to 228466 (ACTION) or sign up on our site, you'll get one call action text every workday.


makesense inspires and empowers citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to build an inclusive and sustainable society together.

Magnify Progress

Our trusted network of actions makes it easy for users to find great content that is personalized to their interests, and for them to track the impact they have made.

Signal Boost

It answers the question “what can we do” by boosting the hell out of the great work being done in the resistance.

Mobilize (MobilizeAmerica)

Mobilize is a volunteer management platform and network that enables activists, progressive organizations and Democratic campaigns to connect and win.

How to Help

Connecting you with ways to do something about the day's news stories. Stories of injustice, intolerance, crisis. Learn, connect, donate, weigh in, show up. Royinga - Hurricane Harvey - Irma - DACA - Charlottesville - LGBT Rights - Prison Conditions - Climate Change - Voting Rights - Flint - Net Neutrality - Health Care - Women's Rights - Police Reform

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