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Digital hangouts for civic-minded technologists

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At, we meet, discuss, learn and take climate action together. We would love for you to join us on Slack.

Campaigning Forum

Campaigners/activists, fundraisers, media experts, creatives, digital specialists, freelancers, and more all come together on the Campaigning Forum (ECF) community discussion list.

Code for Japan Slack Community

Code for Japan's Slack has more than 5,500 people interested in Civic Tech. Participants are diverse, including engineers, designers, civil servants, students, researchers, and NPOs. No special qualification is required. Anyone who is interested in Code for Japan or Civic Tech can participate.

Responsible Tech Slack

Join our Slack group to be connected with a diverse range of individuals working toward co-creating a better tech future. We recently started a Slack workspace where individuals in the Responsible Tech ecosystem can connect with one another, discuss research, share events, learn about careers and job opportunities, and more. Our definition for the Responsible Tech space is around limiting the harms of technology, diversifying the tech pipeline, and ensuring that technology is aligned with the public interest.

MuckRock's FOIA Slack for journalists

The MuckRock Slack channel is a free, collaborative discussion forum to discuss both the federal Freedom of Information Act as well as state public records laws.

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