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Government procurement oversight technology includes digital tools and systems designed to monitor, analyze, and manage the procurement processes in government organizations, ensuring transparency, efficiency, compliance with regulations, and prevention of fraudulent activities.

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Gobierto Transparencia

La herramienta para poner en marcha iniciativas de transparencia y rendición de cuentas.

El Explorador de Gobierto Contratación

El Explorador de Gobierto Contratación reune la información de la Plataforma de Contratación del Estado y de las principales plataformas autonómicas y te permite explotar los datos.

LegBranchProcurementBot Twitter bot

A Twitter bot to tweet out procurements on occurring for the legislative branch



House 2, Plot 622, Mercy Samuelson Estate, Karmo, Abuja

Budeshi is a dedicated web platform that links budget and procurement data to various public services using the Open Contracting Data Standards (OCDS). The Budeshi platform is primarily being used to demonstrate to public institutions the utility of using uniform data standards to publish and report information across stages in the procurement value chain.

Tenders Guru

Tenders Guru is a website that allows to monitor public procurement processes in Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Spain.

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