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Marketplaces for government technologies where all participants pass procurement rules.

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The Digital Impact Exchange

The Digital Impact Exchange

United Nations Foundation

It can be tough for government decision makers to find current, reliable information on tried-and-tested technologies. The Exchange solves that problem by serving as a one-stop shop, featuring over 500 digital tools, products and opportunities for government technology decision makers, IT developers, and product vendors.

Laboratorio GovTech LATAM

Una plataforma de innovación abierta que permite acercar nuevas soluciones digitales a los grandes retos de los municipios participantes.



800 Boylston Street, 16th Floor Boston, MA 02199

Governments Post Bids, Businesses Get Notified, eBidding Makes It Easy


Citymart transforms the way cities solve procurement problems. Citymart is a platform for city government employees to deliver better services, connecting them to urban solutions, projects and peers across departments and around the world. Digital Marketplace Digital Marketplace

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)

Use Digital Marketplace (previously CloudStore) to find digital specialists, cloud-based services and technology to build digital services for the public sector, eg cloud technology, IT health checks, technical architects, web designers



San Francisco

Pavilion builds technology that empowers public servants to deliver better, faster public services from a wider and more diverse group of businesses.


the official public purchasing information portal on open procurement in Ukraine

Brightest COVID-19 Relief

Brightest COVID-19 Relief

Brightest, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Connecting coronavirus relief and aid orgs with support

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