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Do-it-Yourself Open Data Toolkit

The Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Open Data Toolkit is an instructional manual that provides a step-by-step guide on how to develop your open data initiative. It brings together training materials, best practices, tools and resources to help you prepare for and implement an open data project.


Chiediamo dati aperti e machine readable sull’emergenza Covid-19

California Cradle-to-Career Data System

A statewide data system that will provide tools to help students reach their goals and deliver information on education and workforce outcomes.

Analyzing GoC Contract Spending

A volunteer-led, public, historical analysis of Canadian federal government contract spending at a whole-of-government level, based on scraping work to unify data from numerous departmental websites.

Automated monitoring, issue management, analysis and reporting of political affairs.


Mapping with and for the Older Adults (Senior Citizens) and Ageing Population in the Philippines


Towards better use of development resources. Find out, follow, press forward.

Parliament Monitoring Group

PMG aims to provide accurate, objective, and current information on all parliamentary committee proceedings in the form of detailed, unofficial minutes and documents and since 2007, sound recordings of the meeting. PMG’s key activity is the attending of all Parliamentary Committee meetings, where a monitor will tape and minute the proceedings and obtain all documents tabled in the committees. Immediately after the meeting, the audio recording is published on the PMG website. Once a detailed written report has been compiled, it passes through an editorial and quality control process. It is then published on the PMG website within three working days of the committee proceedings along with all the relevant committee documents such as such as public submissions, working drafts of bills and briefings on policy & legislation. Beyond the reporting of Committee proceedings, PMG provides Early notification of calls for comment Details of public hearings Parliamentary programmes Legislative programmes for departments Bill Tracker - daily updates Ministerial Replies to MPs' Written Questions Research on the functioning of Parliament Access to your national, provincial and local representatives on its sister website, People's Assembly

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