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"Unmanned aerial vehicles" and other self-propelled flying machines when they're used for positive societal ends, like delivering medicine or capturing environmental imagery.

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Eye In The Sky

Using High-Altitude Balloons [and drones] for Decision Support in Wildfire Operations


OpenAerialMap is an open service to provide access to a commons of openly licensed imagery and map layer services. Download or contribute imagery to the growing commons of openly licensed imagery. Start Exploring



Seattle, WA, United States of America

Reforesting after wildfires with drones


africanDRONE seeks to empower the drone pioneers already living on the continent, by networking them together into a self-help association that can share resources and knowledge. In addition, we aim to use our collective muscle to get better access to markets (for our work), better prices on hardware / software / insurance (through collective bargaining), and share resources (for everything from drones to data-crunching computer servers).

Microsoft AirSim

Microsoft AirSim

Redmond, WA

Microsoft AirSim (Aerial Informatics and Robotics Simulation) is an open-source robotics simulation platform. From ground vehicles, wheeled robotics, aerial drones, and even static IoT devices, AirSim can capture data for models without costly field operations.



Lincoln, NE, USA

The system attaches to a drone, and drops small incendiaries known as “dragon eggs” from a safe height, at a much lower cost and personal risk than a helicopter.

Ethics In Tech

Ethics In Tech

Bay Area, CA, USA

Ethics In Technology works towards increased awareness around the ethical use of technology and seeks to make a positive impact through engaging the public at all levels of our society in conversation about these issues.

Drone Journalism Lab Operations Manual

Drone Journalism Lab Operations Manual

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, R Street, Lincoln, NE, USA

The Drone Journalism Lab's Operations Manual is here to help your news organization with using flying robots to report news.

Imagining Drones for the Greater Good

IDEO brings together technologists and social innovators to imagine new uses for these “flying helpers"

Women Who Drone

Women Who Drone

Women Who Drone, West Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

A community of female drone pilots, enthusiasts, content creators and innovators. Fly, learn and contribute with us!

WebODM – Drone Mapping Software

A free, user-friendly, extendable application and API for drone image processing.


Drone maps and 3D models processed in the cloud for construction, mining, energy, & more.

Campaign to Stop Killer Robots

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is a growing global coalition of 165 international, regional, and national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in 65 countries that is working to preemptively ban fully autonomous weapons.

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