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Tech to facilitate and improve outcomes from interpersonal meetings, whether face to face or remote

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BoardTrack is a community board attendance tracking tool and data standard that helps community board staff submit attendance records to the Manhattan Borough President’s community board liaisons. In turn, liaisons can quickly analyze attendance history. By BetaNYC

Council Data Project

Transparency and accessibility in council action; videos, transcripts, voting records, and legislation -- all searchable under a single website.

UK Democracy Meetup

Online check-in style meetup, plus document-based format to support remote and asynchronous gatherings


Free and easy Mobile Voting tool for ANY speaker or teacher.

Parti Town Hall

The ultimate real-time discussion platform for all-inclusive events and meetings


Polco is a platform designed to increase civic engagement, improve government transparency, and inform municipal governments of constituents’ input which, in turn, will help better guide public policy.

Block Party

We make local policy information accessible and byte-sized, with a weekly email of your community board’s most recent meeting highlights and transcript data.

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