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Gender and Technology Resources wiki

This wiki is dedicated to document initiatives around gender and tech, privacy and digital security that are organised by participants to the trainings and activities related to the program “Securing Online and Offline Freedoms for Women: Expression, Privacy and Digital Inclusion”.

Teaching Public Service in the Digital Age

Our syllabus is a set of free, open access ‘teach the teacher’ materials designed to help educators teach master’s level students the skills they need to thrive as public servants in the Digital Era. The whole thing is free and online and ready for your use. This syllabus has been designed to fit amongst the core required modules of both MPA and MPP programmes. It is flexible enough however, to be taught to a range of master’s students in different disciplines. Over 20 people in 10 countries have come together to make this syllabus international in its perspective and flexible to different teaching contexts. As our community and the number of contributors grows, we are committed to ensuring and expanding the diversity of views, pedagogies and geographies reflected in the syllabus.

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