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Campaigns that leverage corporate sensitivity to their brand reputations to drive change. Brand organizing usually works best when targeting consumer brands.

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Greenpeace Unfriend Coal

The goal of the Unfriend Coal is to make coal uninsurable. Without insurance, few new coal plants can be built and existing projects have to be phased out.

Greenpeace Unilever campaign

Greenpeace Unilever campaign

Greenpeace USA, Southeast Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Portland, OR, USA

As the biggest single buyer of palm oil in the world, Unilever has a special responsibility to help clean up the industry that's behind so much forest destruction. Thanks to the staggering public support for our international Dove campaign in April 2008, Unilever has now agreed to play their part in saving the Paradise Forests of South East Asia.

Greenpeace Coca Cola

Greenpeace activists protest Coca-Cola’s use of climate-changing chemicals at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Greenpeace McDonald's

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Greenpeace Kit Kat

A big 'Thank You!' to the hundreds of thousands of you who supported our two-month Kit Kat campaign by e-mailing Nestlé, calling them, or spreading the campaign message via your Facebook, Twitter and other social media profiles. This morning, Nestlé finally announced a break for the orang-utan - as well as Indonesian rainforests and peatlands - by committing to stop using products that come from rainforest destruction.

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