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Centers, programs, organizations, and collectives dedicated to promoting innovation and social impact. You can also explore Tech companies that have civic teams and social impact design firms

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Startups & Society Initiative

We are a non-profit think/do tank supporting founders and the startup ecosystem in building more equitable, world-positive tech companies.

The 10 Laws of Government Sales and Marketing - e.Republic

After three decades of working with thousands of companies, we’ve distilled the best of what we’ve learned into a set of practical insights — our “10 Laws of Government Sales and Marketing.”

SIDE Labs (Social Impact Digital Explorers)

Armed with user research and no-code tools, we strive to make the world a better place.


Automated data gathering, simple ESG frameworks & actionable insights for venture capital investors and portfolio companies.

Publi Ou Fake

Uma cartilha em que trazemos ferramentas para que profissionais da área de marketing e publicidade possam navegar melhor e com mais confiança frente às complexidades da relação entre publicidade e desinformação.

Ex Nihila

Ex Nihila is a community of founders, designers, and technologists that build and launch new ventures.

Corporate Civic Playbook

Corporate Civic Playbook

United States of America

A first-of-its-kind resource that defines corporate civic engagement, providing clear tools to help more companies become active players in strengthening the resiliency of our democracy

Ad hoc

Ad hoc

United States of America

Better government software. Services that work, for people.

Public School

Public School empowers government organizations to become more impactful problem-solvers.

Peacetech Scalerator

PeaceTech Lab works to reduce violent conflict using technology, media, and data to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts. An independent nonprofit organization, the Lab brings together engineers and activists, MBAs and conflict experts, social scientists, data scientists, and other innovators to develop effective peacebuilding solutions.

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