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Policy simulators allow people to see how changes to various policies, like budgets or social benefit programs, would affect communities. They can provide transparency, interactivity, agency, and civic literacy to otherwise opaque policymaking processes.

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Voice of the People's Policymaking Simulations

Voice Of the People (VOP) is a nonpartisan organization working to re-anchor our democracy in its founding principles by giving ‘We the People’ a greater and more effective voice in government.

7 Routes to Applied Behavioural Science Experimentation and Observation

A flowchart guide to help users consider which type(s) of experiments to run in policy settings

Participatory Policymaking

Through participatory policymaking, residents propose, debate, and vote on new policies and policy changes, through online platforms and meetings.

Budget Simulator for Pilot United Territorial Communities

A set of information technology (IT) tools to enable citizens to analyze state budgets, in theory to develop critical thinking to counter politicians’ populist rhetoric on complex economic issues.

Delib Simulator

Delib Simulator

Orchard Street Business Centre, 13-14 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH

Public engagement has never been easier

Ethelo Citizen Budget

This Citizen Budget eDemocracy tool can show where tax dollars are spent, and allow the public to provide feedback more easily. With the Citizen Budget, you can cut or increase spending in various categories, and see how your choices would raise or lower taxes.

CityScope LEGO city

CityScope LEGO city

MIT Media Lab

Intervention SimulationAugmented Reality Decision Support Systems topredict and quantify the impact of disruptive interventions

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