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Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

LocalView is a database co-created by Soubhik Barari and Tyler Simko to advance the study of local government in the United States. It is the largest dataset of local government public meetings — the central policy-making process in American local government — as they are captured on video.

Media Mapping

Media Mapping

United States of America (the)

Identifying audiences via TV, internet and news consumption patterns

Youtube DataViewer

Youtube DataViewer

Mountain View, CA, USA

"The Youtube Dataviewer is a tool that allows users to extract metadata from Youtube videos." - Counteringdisinformation.org

Captain Fact

CaptainFact is a collaborative fact-checking tool for YouTube videos.

What’s Crap on WhatsApp?

Podcast dedicated to unpacking the disinfo spreading on Whatsapp

Ad Observer

Political campaigns spend a lot of money to reach voters on Facebook. Are they telling the truth? Are they saying different things to different people? Help hold them accountable by installing our browser plugin, which sends us the ads you see on Facebook.

YouTube Giving

This powerful tool allows viewers to donate directly on YouTube through the live chat donations or the Donate button, and it’s now available to all YouTube Partner Program channels with more than 10,000 subscribers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

Algo Transparency

An algorithm that attempts to analyze which information the YouTube algorithm is showing to people.

Pocket Change

‘Pocket Change’ is a Hindi digital content channel that creates relatable, comedy content for young Indians with civic engagement at its heart.

Redirect Method

Redirect Method

New York, NY

The Redirect Method is focused on reaching those who are actively looking for extremist content and connections. Rather than create new content and counter-narratives, our approach tries to divert young people off the path to extremism using pre-existing YouTube content and targeted advertising.

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