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Pro-social usage of social media platforms, such as to draw attentions to causes or protect people from hate speech.

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PubliElectoral is a technological tool of social interest developed with the purpose of collecting information related to electoral advertising on social networks without affecting the privacy of users.

The Demography Project TikTok

IDADI is our flagship data journalism project, in collaboration with The Infographics Studio, to disseminate, visualize and democratize official data on TikTok to allow Kenyans participate in decision making and enhance government accountability.


Keeping the pulse on and raising up nuestra gente

The Institute for Rebooting Social Media

The Institute for Rebooting Social Media is a three-year, “pop-up” research initiative to accelerate progress towards addressing social media’s most urgent problems, including misinformation, privacy breaches, harassment, and content governance.


Social Media Management Software for Politics


Greenfly is the leader in digital media monetization. The Greenfly software platform empowers organizations to collect, organize and distribute digital media to partners and advocates to build awareness on social media, increase loyalty and drive revenue growth.

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