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Programs that lower the barriers to innovation in a dedicated area of a larger place (like a city). These programs allow private sector companies, researchers, and others to pilot new tech like self-driving cars and drones in a real urban environment, often before they're ready for broader roll-out.

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Brooklyn Navy Yard

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Brooklyn Navy Yard, Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is the center of urban manufacturing and innovation.

The Atlas of Urban Tech

A global atlas of case studies of tech-enabled urban districts and municipal digital masterplans.

FCA Digital Sandbox

The Digital Sandbox offers General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant datasets in a secure environment, mentorship from industry experts and access to the FinTech Community to help enable experimentation and scaling for proof of concepts.

NYC Smart City Testbed

The NYC Smart City Testbed Program is inspiring innovation within City government by streamlining and accelerating the citywide process for piloting emerging technologies.

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