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Nonprofit newsrooms are a response to the news industry's financial difficulties transitioning to the digital economy. Foundations and other civic-minded investors fund investigative and socially important journalism that democracies depend on, but that can no longer be cross-subsidized by control of advertising channels like classified ads. (Entries coming soon - help us populate this section by submitting a project). For further reading, check out Media Impact Funders' report, Community Foundations & Media.

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Disclose is a not-for-profit organisation which bridges twin activities as both a media outlet and an NGO to promote investigative journalism. We have no shareholders, and our freely accessible website carries no advertising. We champion independent reporting, free of commercial constraints and impervious to pressure from political or economic powers. Disclose leads in-depth investigations into subjects of public interest, while defending the public’s right to know. Through thorough, quality journalism that is of a purpose for all, we seek to transform indignation into positive action.

Arena Housing Project

Open collaborative network for journalists and other researches, experts and engaged people working on housing across Europe

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