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Tech that helps improve the drafting of and access to the founding documents of nations.

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State Court Report

State Court Report

New York University

"[A] nonpartisan source for news, resources, and commentary focused on state courts and state constitutional development. It’s the first and only website dedicated to covering state constitutional cases and trends in high courts across the 50 states."

945 Old County Road, Severna Park, MD 21146

As of 2013,’s primary project has been providing state-by-state information clearinghouses regarding upcoming periodic state constitutional convention referendums. iSolon also maintains a central information clearinghouse for the fourteen U.S. states with such periodic referendums.

La Constitución es Nuestra

Proyecto de evaluación ciudadana del proceso constituyente en Chile

My Constitution South Africa

My Constitution South Africa

South Africa (South Africa, Afrika-Borwa, Suid-Afrika)

This edition of the South African Constitution has been specially created to be easy to access, read, print and distribute.

Constitute Project

Constitute offers access to the world’s constitutions so that users can systematically compare them across a broad set of topics — using an inviting, clean interface.

La Constitución de Todos

Una plataforma para crear la Constitución de Todos, entre Todos.

Constitution App

an ingenious tool that lets Zambian citizens participate in the country’s ongoing constitution-drafting process—effectively allowing almost any Zambian adult to help forge the nation.

Mexico City Crowdsourcing a Constitution: case study

To get input on Mexico City's constitution, LabCDMX experimented with Google Docs, PubPub,, paper surveys, and kiosks

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