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Innovation teams based in the public sector. See also the "Innovation teams and labs" category.

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City of Boston Department of Innovation and Technology

Our team makes sure the networks, computers, and systems that support the City are secure and effective. We also manage the City’s websites and technologies focused on service delivery.

The Lab @ DC

The Lab uses scientific insights and methods to test and improve policies and provide timely, relevant, and high-quality analysis to inform the District's most important decisions.

Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation (DSTI) Sierra Leone

To use science, technology and innovation to support the Government of Sierra Leone to deliver on its national development plan effectively and efficiently; and to help transform Sierra Leone into an innovation and entrepreneurship hub.


Work4Germany is a 6 months full-time fellowship program for private / non profit sector talents who will work for a German ministry with the goal of modernising working methods and digitising the government from within.

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