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Bedrock, USA Podcast

Our “Bedrock, USA” podcast explored the rise of far-right extremism in two local governments.


InfoNile is a cross-border group of geojournalists with a mission to uncover critical stories on water issues in the Nile River Basin through data-based multimedia storytelling.

stac labs

Stac labs accelerates party, state and local campaigns' analytical and technological capabilities.

18F's State and Local Government practice

We work with state and local governments to help with prototyping and procurement for federally-funded digital public services, using agile acquisition consulting services.


GovSight is a 501(c)(3) US nonprofit that is building a comprehensive civic information platform to help make citizenship simplified for all.

Council Climate Plan Scorecards

Climate Emergency UK assessed plans according to 28 questions across nine sections, based on the expert-approved checklist for Council Action Plans.

The Local Office Function Index

The Local Office Function Index (LOFI) is a standardized, nationwide dataset of what your elected officials are responsible for and how you can engage with them.

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