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Mainstream news about civic tech, innovation, collaborative tools, and participation.

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ACM Interactions March - April 2024 issue

As we move solidly into 2024, we have been considering how civic infrastructures, currently and in the future, will affect our experiences with technology, our experiences with services we take for granted, and how we relate to one another.

Kevin Roose's Good Tech Awards

Kevin Roose's Good Tech Awards

New York Times Building, 8th Avenue, New York, NY, USA

An annual feature by a technology columnist in the New York Times


News from the intersection of Public Engagement, Civic Tech and Future Cities.

the Centre For Innovation & Technology

the Centre For Innovation & Technology

45 Moffat Avenue, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

we provide an open community space, an incubator that is vibrant and enables a collaborative environment for innovators and startups to think through their ideas, and develop their solutions, so as to turn these opportunities into meaningful products, services, and businesses

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