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Working to break down barriers to intercultural communication, while ensuring indigenous and native languages are represented online and survive the transition to digital.

"There are only approximately 29 languages with digital vitality (Simons et al., 2017). For languages, digital vitality represents the extent to which a language is used and usable on the Internet and through digital devices and platforms...The dearth of platforms, applications, and software for so-called “minority” or non-dominant languages is representative of the experience of low-resourced language speakers on the Internet."

Meital K. and Jason M. (2022) Language and Coloniality: Non-Dominant Languages in the Digital Landscape. Pollicy

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Copylefted libre software, used by over 2,500 libre software projects and companies in over 165 countries.

Meta's Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) model

Our Massively Multilingual Speech AI research models can identify more than 4,000 spoken languages, 40 times more than any known previous technology. These models expand text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology from around 100 languages to more than 1,100.

Carbyne Live Audio Translation

Govtech vendor whose live audio translation has been used to translate 911 calls in realtime

Are We Together?

The findings from our study are intended to provide insights to developers and designers to improve the accessibility and inclusivity of digital platforms from the perspective of language.

Common Voice

Mozilla's Common Voice Project seeks to be a part of the solution. It's a platform where anyone can donate their voice to an open source data bank.

Name Reclaim

ReclaimYourName.dic is the first custom dictionary to normalize thousands of Asian names in the world’s most popular word processing software, where non-English identities are arbitrarily targeted as errors.


A new way of looking at audio and video. Transcribe, translate, repurpose and share.



Mountain View, CA, USA

Millions of refugees & people in need of humanitarian assistance struggle with language barriers. Help give them on-demand language access. Volunteer with Us

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