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Working groups are formed to explore and often, consider the feasibility of an emerging topic or concern. For example, a working group might consider the balance between efficiency and privacy in a smart city project.

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MLCommons AI Safety

The MLCommons AI Safety working group is composed of a global consortium of industry leaders, practitioners, researchers, and civil society experts committed to building a harmonized approach to AI safety.

Gen-AI for Local Governments

MetroLab’s In the Lab Initiative focused on GenAI for Local Governments, a task force

OECD Open & Innovative Government Working Group

In the context of increasingly complex challenges and unprecedented opportunities offered by technology, the MENA – OECD Working Group II on Open and Innovative Government supports MENA countries through regional exchange and dialogue to build public sectors that innovate, engage citizens, open up their data and information and follow the principles of digital and user-centred policy and service design.

Rethinking data and rebalancing digital power

What is a more ambitious vision for data use and regulation that can deliver a positive shift in the digital ecosystem towards people and society?

Ethical Tech Collective

To address ethics and social responsibility in technology, we believe it is important to honor the expertise of many disciplines: anthropology, computer science, critical race and gender studies, data science, design, history, human rights, law, philosophy, political science, science technology & society studies, sociology, and so much more.

Data Responsibility Working Group (DRWG)

The Data Responsibility Working Group (DRWG) is a global coordination body working to advance data responsibility across the humanitarian system.

MetroLab Network's Data Governance Initiative

The task force is creating multi-faceted policy and practice tools to inform, guide, and facilitate responsible data governance by cities and counties

Europe and Eurasia Regional Election Management Body Working Group on Social Media, Disinformation and Electoral Integrity

IFES looks forward to the virtual launch of a working group that will focus on tackling the challenges presented by social media and disinformation to electoral processes across Europe and Eurasia.

Arena Housing Project

Open collaborative network for journalists and other researches, experts and engaged people working on housing across Europe

Make a Difference Asia

Make a Difference (MaD) is a regional think-and-do collaborative platform – where you can explore creativity for good, meet cross-disciplinary changemakers and synergize across sectors for innovative solutions to social challenges.

Digital Government Institute's working groups

DGI curates focused, in-depth programs where technical communities gather to share their knowledge and success. DGI delivers substantial, useful information

Future of Privacy Forum on Smart Cities

Connected technologies and always-on data flows are helping make today’s cities and communities more livable, productive, and sustainable. At the same time, these technologies raise concerns about individual privacy, freedom of choice, and institutional discrimination. How do we leverage the benefits of a data-rich society while giving members of our… - Future of Privacy Forum

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