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A new name for the field introduced by the Ford Foundation, Public Interest Tech "is an emerging scholarly and professional field that is defined by the deployment of technological expertise in service of the common good, often with a focus on under-resourced communities and needs." (definition from Cornell Tech)

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Public Interest Tech Webring

The Public Interest Tech Webring is a collection of blogs dedicated to civic tech, public interest tech, government tech policy, and similar topics.

Curricular Resource: Public Interest Data Literacy

Public Interest Data Literacy (PIDLit) at Georgia State University weds the skills of data literacy with the frameworks and tools of public interest technology.

Public Interest Technology University Network: Understanding the State of the Field in 2021

This report from Katharine Lusk and Azer Bestravos of Boston University evaluates of the state of the field across the 43 academic institutions that make up the Public Interest Technology University Network as of the summer of 2021, providing insight into the ways in which PIT-UN members are investing in its five priority areas, and sheds light on the state of the field more generally.

Public Interest Technology, MS at Arizona State University

Do you have a passion for ensuring technology and innovation benefit society? Join this unique program and become a leader in examining and using technology for social good, whether in the public or private sector or in nonprofit organizations.

Public Interest AI explainer site

Public Interest AI explainer site

Humboldt-Institut Berlin, Invalidenstraße, Berlin, Germany

A project map of Public Interest AI and related research

Public Interest Technology (PInT) at Olin College

PInT is the student-run public interest technology (PIT) organization at  Olin College of Engineering

Public Interest Technology Convening

Join us for the 2022 Public Interest Tech University Network (PIT-UN) Convening, hosted by City University of New York, on Oct. 28-29.

PIT-UN Network Challenge

PIT-UN Network Challenge

United States of America (the)

The Network Challenge is a grant program designed to seed and support initiatives that promote public interest in technology at the university level.

Building the Public Interest Technology Infrastructure of the Future

How a robust public interest technology field can overcome historical inequities and ensure that everyone can fully benefit from technology. By Jenny Toomey & Latanya Sweeney

Public Interest Technology at Cornell Tech

Public Interest Technology (PiTech) at Cornell Tech catalyzes and amplifies technical advances that promote societal welfare and address systematically unfulfilled needs. The programming currently consists of a Master's-level applied internship and a public interest track in the program's product studio.

PIT Lab @Stanford

PIT Lab @Stanford

Stanford University, Serra Mall, Stanford, CA, USA

The PIT Lab is building a thoughtful community around public interest technology at Stanford. Themes include systemic inequities, democratic values, bridging the divide, career pathways.

NYU Public Interest Technology Institute

NYU Public Interest Technology Institute

New York University, New York, NY, USA

A 2-week virtual conference for early and mid-career faculty who seek to accelerate their work in public interest technology

Harvard's Public Interest Tech Lab

Harvard's Public Interest Tech Lab

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

We help shape the future of technology and society to advance equity, expand opportunity and protect basic rights and liberties.



Washington, DC

PITcases.org is a university platform to help students and faculty find the best ways to make a positive difference in their communities. The website gives detailed information about projects that have come out of PIT classes, as well as reading lists for those interested in teaching such courses.

Building the Field of Public Interest Technology article

Higher education must give the next generation of technology and policy leaders the interdisciplinary training they need to succeed, write Anne-Marie Slaughter, Darren Walker and Larry Kramer.

Public Interest Technology Summit

Public Interest Technology Summit

Harvard Kennedy School, John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA, USA

The Public Interest Technology Summit is the evolution of the Alumni Digital Summit hosted last October in collaboration with Alumni Relations.

Public Interest Technology University Network

Public Interest Technology University Network

New America, 15th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

The Public Interest Technology Universities Network is a partnership that fosters collaboration between 21 universities and colleges committed to building the nascent field of public interest technology and growing a new generation of civic-minded technologists.

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