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Tools and platforms that connect news audiences to constructive actions they can take based on a story. These projects sometimes struggle to gain traction in newsrooms due to their editorial concerns about objectivity, or what some observers have noted as a bias toward reporting on problems rather than solutions. Suggested reading:

  • "The digital age, and particularly the rise of social media, was initially associated with a utopian vision of global media access and participation. While internet users do have more means of digital participation than ever before, it has been less clear whether people in practice use it to actively participate in their news environments." - Reuters Institute, 2023

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Feel Good Action

Feel Good Action

Seattle, WA, United States of America

We combine media, data and behavior science to motivate action.

Speakable / Action Button

Action Button lets you instantly #TakeAction on news that matters. Don’t just read the headlines, change them.

How to Help: News You Can Do Something About

How to Help is a digital media startup that connects you with ways to do something about the day’s big news stories.



Brazil (Brasil)

O Impacto.Jor é uma iniciativa para medir o impacto do jornalismo na vida das pessoas, através de um software criado para reportar e agregar impactos.



New York City

Hope is the assistant for the resistance. It’s the tool that will help you keep track of the news, and let you know what you can do to have an impact.

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