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Manifiesto por la ampliación de la democracia

Pretendemos lograr que las nuevas e innovadoras formas de participación, que ya son una realidad en el ámbito internacional y en nuestras propias regiones y entidades locales, lo sean también en el ámbito estatal español. También queremos aumentar el nivel de exigencia respecto del funcionamiento, inclusividad, transparencia y rendición de cuentas de los mecanismos y herramientas de participación ya existentes.

Declaration on Parliamentary Openness

The Declaration on Parliamentary Openness is a call to national parliaments, and sub-national and transnational legislative bodies, by civil society parliamentary monitoring organizations (PMOs) for an increased commitment to openness and to citizen engagement in parliamentary work.


Join us in building the European way of Digital Transformation for 300 million Europeans


We break the silos of urbanist practices to build Black power and Black joy.

Open Source for Equality

Open Source for Equality is a beginner-friendly, safe space for women to participate in open source projects that promote gender equality.

Pro Truth Pledge

The Pro-Truth Pledge is a project of Intentional Insights, a volunteer-run educational nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit devoted to promoting science-based truth-seeking, rational thinking, and wise decision-making.

Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace

The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace of 12 November 2018 is a call to come together to face the new threats endangering citizens and infrastructure.

Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability

Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

The Manilla Principles on Intermediary Liability define various principles for intermediary companies to follow when operating in democratic and authoritarian environments, including that: Intermediaries should be shielded from liability for third-party content; Content must not be required to be restricted without an order by a judicial authority; Requests for restrictions of content must be clear, be unambiguous, and follow due process; Laws and content restriction orders and practices must comply with the tests of necessity and proportionality

Disinfo Defense League Policy Platform

The Disinfo Defense League Policy Platform is a series of legislative, executive, and international recommendations addressing disinformation.

Digital Democracy Charter

"The Digital Democracy Charter outlines several guiding principles on countering online disinformation and strengthening our democracies given the new digital age." -



14 Greenfinch Way, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 5HB, UK

A new political party for for the UK

Baratunde's Tech Manifesto

The stories turn up daily: Social media is being used to undermine democracy. Someone has run off with millions of Social Security numbers stored by a major financial institution. Internet service…

Crowdlaw Manifesto

Crowdlaw Manifesto

The GovLab, MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

A statement of 12 principles for online, participatory lawmaking.

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