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Virtual and face-to-face training spaces that explore different concepts, practices, methodologies, and tools of the civic tech field.

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Tech, Media & Democracy course

Through a unique pan-university course, NYC universities partner to explore challenges and opportunities & build prototypes at the intersection of technology, media and democracy

Solving Public Problems (the course)

A free online course offered by The GovLab on: How to take advantage of technology, data and the collective wisdom in our communities to design powerful solutions to contemporary problems.

Academia de Innovación Política

La Academia de Innovación Política es una plataforma que busca generar espacios de formación virtuales y presenciales para la transferencia y co-construcción de conceptos, prácticas, metodologías y herramientas de gobernanza democrática en los escenarios actuales.

Climate Change AI Summer School 2022

The Climate Change AI summer school is designed to educate and prepare participants with a background in artificial intelligence and/or a background in a climate-change related field to tackle major climate problems using AI.

Seminar of digital democracy

This seminar by Jonathan Piron tackles the issues raised by digital technologies for political institutions, politics and policies, and more broadly for the evolution of what we call “democracy“.

Technology and Social Change 2018

Many people become engineers or designers because they hope to change the world for the better using technology.

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