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These projects open "black box" algorithms up to expert and/or public audit by sharing inputs, rules, and other components of how the system makes its decisions.

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Algorithmic Transparency Institute

The Algorithmic Transparency Institute builds technology, gathers data, and generates insights to support research, journalism, and advocacy organizations.

European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency

The European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) will contribute to a safer, more predictable and trusted online environment for people and business.

Knowing without Seeing

Knowing without Seeing is a research project by Amber Sinha which explores meaningful transparency solutions for opaque algorithms, and privileges comprehension over mere access to information.

Algo Transparency

An algorithm that attempts to analyze which information the YouTube algorithm is showing to people.


We're an impact technology company building a blockchain to help you prove your ethical and sustainable practices. .

Facebook Tracking Exposed

a project to improve the transparency behind Facebook’s algorithms

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