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Political parties may innovate when it comes to campaigning -- particularly if there's new tech that helps raise money, save money (usually on advertising), or drive messaging on new channels. But in so many places, parties' own infrastructure and decision-making processes are ancient. And when an institution is out of date, it's often because that works just fine for incumbents. Parties are a fundamental layer of democratic governance, and yet they've managed to duck the wave of change that's swept through campaigning, activism, public engagement, and even government. Here's to changing that.

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Citizens' movement to practice democracy by sortition. Notable twist includes winning a seat in Brussels Parliament, where their elected representative must act on behalf of 50 residents chosen by lot.

Participa Podemos

Participa Podemos

Madrid (Spain)

Radically open political party in Madrid with over 500,000 members making decisions on its online platform


PartyParty is a source for in-depth reporting on political changemakers, political parties and political trends across Europe.



14 Greenfinch Way, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 5HB, UK

A new political party for for the UK

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