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Introduced in 2014 by Daniel X. O'Neil and the Smart Chicago Collaborative, 'Civic User Testing Groups' pay members of the public to advise people building tech. This helps ensure that the tech is informed by more representative feedback and lived experiences. A variation of that model is doing similar paid public engagement to inform policy.

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Participant Advisory Council

Learn how to bolster your user research and design more effective services by forming a participant advisory council.



Montreal, QC, Canada

Fable is digital accessibility, powered by people with disabilities

PLATO Testing

Changing our world by building a stronger, more inclusive technology workforce

CivicSpace (New America)

CivicSpace focuses on building better feedback loops between residents and policymakers to build policies that improve racial and economic equity in Illinois.

Data Driven Detroit CUTGroup

We are looking for a diverse group of residents in the city of Detroit to participate in the testing of civic apps/websites! Sign up for the Civic User Testing Group (CUTGroup) now and tell your friends!

The GSA Equity Study on Remote Identity Proofing

The GSA Equity Study on Remote Identity Proofing

GSA (General Services Administration), F Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

By participating in GSA’s study on identity verification technology, you can help identify potential barriers and challenges that impact individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab at Open Tech Fund

Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab at Open Tech Fund

2025 M Street Northwest, Downtown, Washington, DC 20036, USA

OTF’s Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab offers secure usability and user-interface assistance to Internet freedom and digital security tools to help them recognise and solve usability challenges that hampered the adoption of those tools in repressive contexts.

Design Insight Group

Design Insight Group

150 Court St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Where technologists and communities work together to explore and build new solutions for New Yorkers

The CUTgroup book

Civic User Testing Group as a New Model for UX Testing, Digital Skills Development, and Community Engagement in Civic Tech By Daniel X. O’Neil and the Smart Ch…

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