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Much of government technology is built by private sector contractors.


We develop software, and provide services, to help Municipal Governments do more with less.

Urban Impact Agency

We are a hands-on, empathy-guided consultancy agency. Our projects help start-ups, corporates, and administrations navigate city ecosystems and deploy impactful urban tech solutions globally.


CivStart is a nonprofit focused on creating opportunities for underserved and unconnected communities through startups that build with local governments. Our goal is to help impactful innovations quickly enter the state & local market. [email protected] 80 M St. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Urban Impact Lab

Public spaces. Financial inclusion. Transportation. Climate resilience. Economic development. Smart cities technology. Civic engagement. These are only a few of the issues cities must continuously balance, improve and resolve so people and businesses can thrive. Complex urban issues merit a mix of mediums and disciplines. Urban Impact Lab excels at strategy development, research and analysis, program development, implementation, creative placemaking, and community engagement. Our approach reflects the diversity of the cities we work in, partners and clients we support, and needs we can address. 


Italian company offering services and projects to engage the public in decision-making


Civin specializes in working with state and local governments and other public sector agencies to build data-driven programs that deliver lasting value.

Digital Services Coalition

We’re a collection of agile technology and design firms that serve—or aspire to serve—the government.

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