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Raising and allocating public funds

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How to Spend Your City’s Money: In a system known as participatory budgeting, citizens tell the government what to do. The New Yorker

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Idėja Tauragei

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.

Fundusz sołecki

Polish law institutionalizing the "Village Fund" form of participatory budgeting, first in rural areas and later required for the 66 largest cities

Dalyvauk! Vilnius

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.

World Atlas of Participatory Budgeting

The World Atlas of Participatory Budgeting represents the widest compilation of data, to date, on the situation of these processes on the planet.

Dalyvauk! Anykščiai

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.

Dalyvauk! Klaipėda

This platform helps municipality facilitate participatory budgeting in the municipality.


Diseñamos y desarrollamos procesos de participación ciudadana

Rosario Participa

Rosario Participa

Rosario, Argentina

Unite, participá y decidí. Todas las acciones de participación en un lugar.

Danes je nov dan

Ljubljana, Slovenia based civic tech NGO, focusing efforts on (digital) political participation, open data, transparency, and public institutional oversight.

Mühlleite 13, 91465 Ergersheim, Germany

Deutschlands Nr. 1 Consul-Anbieter. Consul is the world's most successful platform for citizen participation.

The People's Money

The People's Money

New York City, NY, USA

NYC's first citywide Mayoral participatory budgeting process, run by the NYC Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) (2022-2023)

WeChat mini app for participatory budgeting

China’s Participation Center developed a “mini app” for the popular WeChat platform, and grew the number of participatory budgeting users in Chengdu city to more than 3 million

City of Sacramento Participatory Budgeting

On June 15, 2021, the Sacramento City Council approved the use of up to $1 million in Measure U funds for residents to propose ideas and vote on project concepts.

Denver Participatory Budgeting

In the first cycle of Denver's Participatory Budgeting, residents guide the selection of $2 million of neighborhood infrastructure.



Los Angeles, CA

The Los Angeles Reforms for Equity and Public Acknowledgment of Institutional Racism (L.A. REPAIR) is L.A.'s first participatory budget pilot program. L.A. REPAIR will distribute roughly $8.5 million directly to nine L.A. City neighborhoods, called REPAIR Zones.

Designing Digital Participatory Budgeting Platforms: Urban Biking Activism in Madrid

Investigating the empirical case of urban biking activists in Madrid, we explore how the design of the digital platform Decide Madrid impacted the collaborative practices involved in digital participatory budgeting. We found that the design of the platform made the interaction competitive, where individuals sought to gain votes for their single proposals, rather than consider the relations across proposals and the larger context of the city decisions, even if the institutional process rewarded collective support.

Decidimos Monterrey

En Monterrey ahora decidiremos juntas y juntos cómo invertir el 5% de la recaudación del pago predial, más de 50 millones de pesos para promover mejoras en tu colonia y en toda la ciudad.

People Powered Global PB Hub

The Global Participatory Budgeting Hub is the initial flagship program of People Powered. It aims to improve and expand participatory budgeting (PB) around the world by addressing common challenges and opportunities faced by PB implementers and supporters.

People Powered

People Powered is a global hub for participatory democracy - the direct participation of community members in making the policy decisions that affect their lives.

NYC Civic Engagement Commission Decidim platform

A space to enhance civic participation, promote civic trust, and strengthen democracy in New York City


Community Voting - Turning Ideas into Action. Vocaleyes is an advanced participation and engagement tool.

Zencity Engage (formerly Civil Space)

Bring a healthy new energy to your city’s conversations, and build trust with your community along the way.

Site OpenPB

This site is an effort of City of Paris to provide a website to help other cities to get their own participatory budgeting process.



Málaga (Spain)

citizink es una plataforma de participación creada con tecnologías de código abierto



Amtsgasse 13a

Online collaboration, discussion & consensus. For institutions, organisations & groups.



OFICINA Association, Estrada Senhora da Saúde, 32A, 8000-500 Faro

Planning and participatory democracy consultancy out of Portugal that also publishes books about participatory budgeting

Budżet obywatelski w Warszawie

The City of Warsaw's custom participatory budgeting platform

Participace 21

Czech participatory engagement platform for towns, villages, schools, and non-profits (and NYC's participatory budgeting) (e管家)

Chinese digital participation platform for the city of Chengdu, designed for Android devices




Italian company offering services and projects to engage the public in decision-making



Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki's Decidim instance used for participatory budgeting



Santiago, Chile

Digital platform and methodology to open local governments. Powered by CONSUL.

Delib Simulator

Delib Simulator

Orchard Street Business Centre, 13-14 Orchard Street, Bristol, BS1 5EH

Public engagement has never been easier

Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint

Newcastle, NSW

Social Pinpoint provides a flexible suite of digital tools to enhance your community and stakeholder engagement.




Ethelo decisions is a web platform or business intelligence tool built to help groups, communities or organization to find effective decisions quickly and fairly.

Open active voting

"Open Active Voting is an open-source, secure voting tool targeted towards citizen input during participatory budgeting processes."

Digital Tools and Participatory Budgeting in Scotland

The Democratic Society helps local government and community groups across Scotland to use digital engagement tools for participatory budgeting (PB).


Civocracy is fixing the relationship between citizens and their government using digital citizen participation.


A toolbox for analyzing and visualizing public budget data as well as support participatory budgeting

Participez Nanterre

Participez Nanterre

Nanterre, France

Bienvenue sur la plateforme participative de la ville de Nanterre! Construisons ensemble une société plus ouverte, transparente et collaborative. A Decidim instance.



The CITRIS Invention Lab

AppCivist is a platform for democratic assembly and collective action.



Boulder, CO

Neighborland is a communications platform that empowers organizations to collaborate with their stakeholders in an accessible, participatory, and equitable way.

Open Procurement

Open Procurement: digital transformation in procurement




Open source Open Government and E-Participation Web Software

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