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Raising and allocating public funds

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The People's Money

NYC's first citywide Mayoral participatory budgeting process, run by the NYC Civic Engagement Commission (CEC) (2022-2023)

WeChat mini app for participatory budgeting

China’s Participation Center developed a “mini app” for the popular WeChat platform, and grew the number of participatory budgeting users in Chengdu city to more than 3 million

Denver Participatory Budgeting

In the first cycle of Denver's Participatory Budgeting, residents guide the selection of $2 million of neighborhood infrastructure.


The Los Angeles Reforms for Equity and Public Acknowledgment of Institutional Racism (L.A. REPAIR) is L.A.'s first participatory budget pilot program. L.A. REPAIR will distribute roughly $8.5 million directly to nine L.A. City neighborhoods, called REPAIR Zones.

Decidimos Monterrey

En Monterrey ahora decidiremos juntas y juntos cómo invertir el 5% de la recaudación del pago predial, más de 50 millones de pesos para promover mejoras en tu colonia y en toda la ciudad.

People Powered

People Powered is a global hub for participatory democracy - the direct participation of community members in making the policy decisions that affect their lives.


Community Voting - Turning Ideas into Action. Vocaleyes is an advanced participation and engagement tool.

Zencity Engage (formerly Civil Space)

Bring a healthy new energy to your city’s conversations, and build trust with your community along the way.

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