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"Stories are the mosaic tiles that make up deep narratives. The key role stories play in disseminating deep narratives give story tech a place in the narrative tech spectrum. When we talk about "story tech" we’re thinking of storybanks, audio and podcasting tools to share and tell immersive stories."

- Narrative Initiative

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A tool designed to help you collect and compile video messages from a group of people

Thomson Reuters Foundation journalism program

Our global editorial team of almost 50 journalists and about 300 freelancers covers the world’s under-reported stories at the heart of aid, development, women’s and LGBT+ rights, human trafficking, property rights, climate change and social innovation

Impactive Video Story Collection

Gather user-generated content for powerful testimonial campaigns. Volunteers can share a personal video (or photo) about why they support your cause, laying the foundation for engaging digital content pushes or lobbying efforts.

Video For Change

Video For Change

Thailand (Prathet Thai)

We help changemakers use video to create more impact by enhancing their knowledge, strategies, technology, networks, and storytelling skills.

The Public Good Projects

We use science and technology to tackle today’s most pressing public health issues.

Consumer Reports Share My Story

A platform for CR members to share their stories on a given topic, like medical bills



ActionSprout, Commercial Street, Bellingham, WA, USA

ActionSprout makes it easy to find curated content, schedule posts, manage Facebook ads, and create donations and petitions to grow your following!

The Narrative Observatory

With data infrastructure purpose-built to deliver audience-based insights, narrative and network analysis, and empirical validation of cultural strategy and content, we help strategists and creative practitioners identify story opportunities and challenges across a range of social issues.



Civic Hall, West 22nd Street, New York, NY, USA

MEMRIA uses the power of voice to help our partners further their missions.

Right To Be (formerly Heartmob)

Join the movement to end online harassment! We’re fighting fire with water, and working step by step to assist people facing harassment, educate communities, and stop harassment online.



80 Hanson Pl, Brooklyn, New York 11217, USA

To preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world


Enrich your stories with charts, maps and tables.


Discover, stream, and share a constantly expanding mix of music from emerging and major artists around the world.

HatchLab Innovation Studio

HatchLab Innovation Studio

United States of America (the)

A HatchLab is a new kind of global storytelling workshop.



New York City

Swayable lets political campaigns and brands measure how content changes people’s minds. Campaigns using Swayable increase their impact on opinions by measuring persuasion, breaking down exactly which kinds of people respond to which content.

Jotto Video

Jotto allows individuals allied with a cause to record and automatically upload videos directly to an organization behind that cause.

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