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This class of software allows volunteers to physically or digitally 'check in', letting organizers know they are present for their shifts.

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Google Person Finder

Google Person Finder helps people reconnect with friends and loved ones in the aftermath of natural and humanitarian disasters.

Refugees United

Refugees United

Kampala Accountancy Bureau, Plot 3 Wampewo Avenue, Kampala, Uganda

REUNITE's family tracing platform helps refugees and displaced persons search, connect and communicate with their loved ones. Here is how we do it.

Facebook Safety Check

Crisis Response is a place on Facebook where you can find information about recent crises, use Safety Check to connect with friends and loved ones during a crisis, give or find help to people in the affected area, and create or donate to fundraisers to support recovery efforts.

Outreach Grid

Outreach Grid

Irvine, CA

Collaborate across agencies to combat homelessness at the Point of Work on one unified platform.

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