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Direct action tech facilitates activists taking action to protest in person.

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FireChat was a proprietary mobile app, developed by Open Garden, which used wireless mesh networking to enable smartphones to pass messages to each other peer-to-peer via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Apple's Multipeer, without an internet connection.

Michigan, USA

An aggregator of Black Lives Matter protests across the US

Projection bombing guide

“Projection bombing”, a technique pioneered by marketing agencies and more recently embraced by activists where a message is projected onto a building.

Center For Political Beauty

An assault team that establishes moral beauty, political poetry and human greatness while aiming to preserve humanitarianism.

Jotto Video

Jotto allows individuals allied with a cause to record and automatically upload videos directly to an organization behind that cause.

Eaton House

Eaton House

Hong Kong

It is a dynamic take on the working club for innovators, activists, progressive thinkers, and creatives.

The Revolution of Our Times

An Android game that provided users with an immersive role playing experience of the 2019 Hong Kong protests

Crowd Counting Consortium

Crowd Counting Consortium

United States of America

A public interest project to document crowds and contention in the United States.

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