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Open States

Follow politics in your state legislature. Find your legislators, see how they vote and browse bills, committees and events.

Marsad Majles

“Marsad Majles” is Al Bawsala's project to monitor Tunisia's National Constituent Assembly (NCA).

Make a Difference Asia

Make a Difference (MaD) is a regional think-and-do collaborative platform – where you can explore creativity for good, meet cross-disciplinary changemakers and synergize across sectors for innovative solutions to social challenges.

Gravyty Stewardship

The first-ever AI solution for thanking and cultivating donors.

Social Tech Guide

It is the most comprehensive collection of inspiring examples of tech transforming lives and communities for the better.


Sumbon is an online platform helping donors and non-profits manage their relationship and track the human impact of donations. Global giving just got easier!

MobLab Dispatch

The MobLab Dispatch is a round-up of the most thought-provoking stories, resources, opportunities and discussions about changemaking in today’s networked world.

BetaNYC Slam

SLA Mapper (SLAM) is a tool that aggregates data that community boards often have to gather in order to review liquor license applications and sidewalk cafe applications. Displaying this information in a unified view saves community boards considerable time and resources.

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