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Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund

Even when we don’t know it, artificial intelligence affects virtually every aspect of our modern lives. Technology and commerce will ensure it will impact every society on earth. Yet, for something so...

Megaphone podcast

MEGAPHONE is a community of activists working on issues such as the environment, women's rights, LGBTQ right, transparency and accountability and civic engagement

First Act Fund

The First Act Fund is a new source of catalytic funding and support encouraging young people with technical backgrounds to pursue impactful and innovative ideas.


We leverage both AI and Human Expertise to allow everyone to check facts, understand News sources and content, empower truth and consolidate responsible Brands and Media in the MENA region.

Twitter's Academic Data Grants

Twitter Data Grants, through which we’ll give a handful of research institutions access to our public and historical data.

Maryland Law HelpApp

Maryland Law Help is a mobile application that connects Maryland citizens with legal information, tools and resources.

Public Agenda

Public Agenda is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that helps build a democracy that works for everyone and fuels progress on critical issues.

Urban Forest Map

A collaboration of government, nonprofits, and you to map all the trees of San Francisco's urban forest and understand the ecosystem services they provide.

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