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Enable assists NGOs and companies with great ideas to build their projects and find the right funding to implement them.

Displacement Alert Project Map

The Displacement Alert Map is a rich resource of more than a decade of key data on residential displacement in New York City.

Qlue My City

Kumpulan cerita tentang orang, studi kasus, penelitian kami, dan wajah kota yang selalu berubah yang Anda jalani. // Qlue is a crowd-sourcing smartphone app where the users can report various incidents such as flooding, crime, fires or waste-related issues.

Chatham House Commission on Democracy and Technology

Chatham House is establishing a Commission on Democracy and Technology in Europe to help investigate the nexus of technological change and the future of democratic governance.

Harvard Institute of Politics

Established in 1966, the Fellows Program is a cornerstone of Institute life and the only program of its kind at Harvard University or anywhere else. An IOP Fellowship offers the rare opportunity for professionals in politics and public service to spend a semester at Harvard sharing their experiences with students and exploring important public issues with a distinguished

Breaking New Ground: Pioneering Electronic Land Registration in Ontario, 1987-2010

[C]ivil servants at the provincial Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations led a groundbreaking effort to form a public–private partnership to convert millions of property records—both from paper to digital and in some cases from a deeds system to titles—and create the world’s first electronic land registration system

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