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Brooklyn, NY

TikTok Intelligence For US Politics

Psychology of Misinformation Lab

Lab Members! Mitch Dobbs: PhD candidate .Mitch graduated from Penn State in May 2021 with a B.A. in Psychology. Currently, he’s interested in why we believe misinformation, the factors and sp…

The Internet & Democracy Initiative

The Internet & Democracy Initiative will study problems that have widespread information and social media implications.

Rest of World

A global nonprofit publication covering the impact of technology beyond the Western bubble.

Cloudflare Athenian Project

We created Athenian Project to ensure that state and local governments have the highest level of protection and reliability for free, so that their constituents have access to election information and voter registration.

AI Intersections Database

This database by Mozilla Foundation maps intersections between the key social justice and human rights areas of our time and documented AI impacts and their manifestations in society.

Parliament Watch (Thailand)

An open-source comprehensive platform that serves as a one-stop solution for monitoring Thailand's parliament.

Participant Advisory Council

Learn how to bolster your user research and design more effective services by forming a participant advisory council.

CLJE:Lab (Center for Labor and a Just Economy)

CLJE:Lab (Center for Labor and a Just Economy)

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

CLJE:Lab is the policy and legal innovation lab at Harvard Law School’s Center for Labor and a Just Economy – where our ideas for building worker power and strengthening democracy hit the ground.



Santiago, Chile

Our services are comprised of 5 remote electronic platforms and a complete customer support system.

Pioneering Practitioners: Democratic Innovation Organizations to Watch

Recognizing organizations that support politicians to empower citizens and develop better policies for people and the planet.



Madrid (Spain)

The Center for the Governance of Change at IE University and Microsoft launched AI4Democracy, a global initiative that seeks to create knowledge and mobilize democratic governments, companies and civil society to promote action for a responsible use of artificial intelligence to defend and strengthen democracy.

Rest of World Elections AI Tracker

Throughout 2024, Rest of World is tracking the most noteworthy incidents of AI-generated election content globally.

Global Cyber Alliance Cybersecurity Toolkit for Mission-Based Organizations

This set of free tools, guidance, and training is designed to help organizations take key cybersecurity steps and be more secure.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

We regulate financial services firms and financial markets in the UK

FCA Digital Sandbox

The Digital Sandbox offers General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant datasets in a secure environment, mentorship from industry experts and access to the FinTech Community to help enable experimentation and scaling for proof of concepts.

Politics Recoded: The Infrastructural Organizing of Code for America

By Aure Schrock. Out in September. The first detailed history of Code for America that examines how democratically designed government systems can collectively improve technology's impact on society.

Festival Latinoamericano de Instalacion de Software Libre (FLISOL)

Festival Latinoamericano de Instalacion de Software Libre (FLISOL) sede Venezuela

New Practice Lab

New Practice Lab

Washington, DC

The New Practice Lab's theory of change is deceptively simple: we should design public goods and services the same way we design the most successful private goods and services— in partnership with the people who use them, and suited to the digital age in which we live.

World Health Organization Innovation hub

We use sustainable innovation to solve bottlenecks, accelerate impact, and improve health, focusing on the most neglected problems and people.



Chicago, IL

A service of the Law Center for Better Housing (LCBH), here to help Illinois tenants facing housing issues



Sacramento, California, USA

Nonprofit newsroom covering the state of California

Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy

Sacramento, California, USA

AI-powered database where you can search California's legislators, lobbyists, donors, gifts, travel, bills, transcripts, videos, supporters, and organizations

PLATO Testing

Changing our world by building a stronger, more inclusive technology workforce



Montreal, QC, Canada

Fable is digital accessibility, powered by people with disabilities

NYC Smart City Testbed

The NYC Smart City Testbed Program is inspiring innovation within City government by streamlining and accelerating the citywide process for piloting emerging technologies.

Street Activity Sensors

8-month pilot to test 12 computer-vision sensors across four boroughs of NYC to employ machine vision and improve street-level data collection and improve planning decisions

Riding Forward: Overhauling Citi Bike’s Contract for Better, More Equitable Service

This report reviews Citi Bike’s performance to-date and recommends a comprehensive contract overhaul to ensure more reliable and equitable service, with a strategic mix of performance standards, attention to equitable service, and incentives to enable Citi Bike to thrive as a key element of the transportation network – whether under Lyft or a new operator.

Open Criminal Courts: New York Criminal Court Decisions Should be Public.

This report delves specifically into the limited publication of written decisions by criminal court judges.

Primary Land Use Tax Lot Output (PLUTO)

Extensive land use and geographic data at the tax lot level in comma–separated values (CSV) file format. The PLUTO files contain more than seventy fields derived from data maintained by city agencies.

Spatial Equity NYC

Spatial Equity NYC

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Spatial Equity NYC (SE), a tool developed by MIT’s Norman B. Leventhal Center for Advanced Urbanism (LCAU) in close collaboration with New York City-based nonprofit Transportation Alternatives (TA), visualizes mobility, environment, and health data.


We are a non-profit that partners with state criminal justice agencies to advance their use of data and reduce incarceration.

The Things Network

We are a global collaborative Internet of Things ecosystem that creates networks, devices and solutions using LoRaWAN®.

Miracle Messages

Miracle Messages

San Francisco

We offer family reunification services, a phone buddy program, and basic income pilots for people experiencing homelessness

NYC Funds Tracker

FPWA’s NYC Funds Tracker monitors New York City’s revenue and the flow to budget expenditures.

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings with Drones

Developed out of NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, Building Diagnostic Robotics (BDR) created robotics tools and AI analytics to aid in assessing building envelope efficiency.

GovServices Monitor

This portal makes it easier for citizens to find information on government services and measure service levels in Nigeria.

The School for Everyday Democracy

This programme will support 100 people to become Everyday Democracy Champions, in turn catalysing the action of others in communities furthest from power, and creating tangible change across all four UK nations.

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