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Also called "citizen assemblies", "citizen juries", or "allotment", this is a method of empowering a panel of citizens to make collective decisions. They're selected randomly from a larger pool, in order to promote fairness, diversity, and to reduce potential for corruption or partisan behavior.

"Developed by the Jefferson Centre in the 1970s, citizens’ juries are a type of structured deliberation with members of the public, sometimes referred to as a ‘mini public’. During facilitated workshops, participants –‘the jurors’ – are given balanced information and expert presentations about a chosen issue, before deliberating on that issue and reaching a conclusion of some kind. The issue usually addresses an area of public policy, and the conclusions generated often take the form of recommendations for policymakers." - Aidan Peppin, Ada Lovelace Institute

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U.S. Public Assembly on High Risk Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI Assembly is the first national deliberative event on AI in the United States and represents a significant step toward understanding public sentiment on AI-related issues and shaping the conversation around the role of AI systems in society, with a focus on transparency, accountability, and responsible use.  

coletivo delibera

coletivo delibera

Brazil (Brasil)

O coletivo delibera trabalha com uma forma inédita e democrática de atuação da sociedade nas decisões de pautas políticas do país, de comunidades, de cidades e até mesmo de bairros.

Hallo Bundestag

Gewählt. Gelost. Gemeinsam. Wahlkreisräte für die Demokratie

Es geht LOS!

Wir sind ein zivilgesellschaftlicher, überparteilicher Think & Do Tank für losbasierte Bürgerbeteiligung. Wir initiieren geloste Bürgerräte kommunal, im Wahlkreis, national und sogar in öffentlichen Institutionen.

Wir holen euch ab!

Dabei haben sich Katharina Liesenberg und Linus Strothmann vom Team Es geht LOS einer jahrtausendealten, urdemokratischen Methode bedient: des Losens. Indem sie im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes an Türen klingelten, haben sie Menschen in ihrer persönlichen Lebensrealität abgeholt und miteinander in Kontakt gebracht. Ein Buch voll inspirierender Beispiele, die ihren Praxistest alle bestanden haben.


Citizens' movement to practice democracy by sortition. Notable twist includes winning a seat in Brussels Parliament, where their elected representative must act on behalf of 50 residents chosen by lot.

Sortition Foundation

Organization dedicated to promoting citizens' assemblies

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