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Civic applications built atop the blockchain, a distributed open ledger. Also, 'blockchain for good' efforts.

Recommended listen: "Web3 and blockchain applications for local government" episode of the Govlaunch podcast

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U.S. Federal Blockchain program

U.S. Federal Blockchain program

GSA (General Services Administration), F Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA

GSA launched the U.S. Federal Blockchain program for federal agencies and U.S. businesses who are interested in exploring distributed ledger tech.

Horizon State

Horizon State is about unlocking the power of communities to drive organisations forward.

MobLab Live: The If, How and Why of Blockchain for Social Good

On 26 July, 2018, we brought together global changemakers to learn from special guests Daisy Ozim, Veronica Garcia and Lee Brenner about using Blockchain to advance social change work.



New York, NY

Civil is building the new economy for journalism.


A secure, decentralized, auditable and open platform for e-voting and vote counting that everybody can trust

Berkeley City Council municipal bonds civic crowdfunding

In partnership with municipal crowdfunding platform Neighborly and the Berkeley Blockchain Lab, Berkeley City Council is planning on issuing municipal bonds on the blockchain.

Swedish blockchain Land Registry

Swedish land registry Lantmäteriet is soon going to conduct their first Blockchain property sale with volunteers after two years of testing.



The Netherlands

A project in the Netherlands to enable digital voting on the blockchain



2 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, USA

An initiative to examine whether and how blockchain technologies can be used for social change.

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