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Civic applications built atop the blockchain, a distributed open ledger. Also, 'blockchain for good' efforts.

Recommended listen: "Web3 and blockchain applications for local government" episode of the Govlaunch podcast

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MODI Finland

Finland’s digital money system for asylum seekers shows what blockchain technology can offer the unbanked.

Carbon Conservation and Dappbase experiment with Indonesian forest fires

Villages in the Indonesian province of Aceh that have successfully reduced forest fires are to be rewarded through a clever new scheme that uses blockchain-based smart contracts. Here's how it...


A new movement says that crypto-voting can purify democracy—and eventually eliminate the need for governments altogether.

News Provenance Project (NPP)

The News Provenance Project seeks to diminish the spread of misinformation by empowering readers to make more informed, confident judgments about the news they see online.



50 Milk St, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Voatz is on a mission to make voting safer and more accessible. All citizens have a right to vote regardless of their circumstance.

McKinsey report on blockchain in government

It’s not just for financial institutions; government agencies can use this digital ledger technology to protect trusted records and simplify interactions with citizens.

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