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Autonomous or semi-autonomous chat agents that interact with people for the purpose of achieving a civic goal, like registering a vote or capturing citizen feedback.

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APPCityLife is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that empowers cities to rapidly deploy affordable mobile apps and engage citizens through CityLife Chatbot, our Artificial Intelligence chatbot built specifically for cities.


With curbside delivery on the rise, get a quick free tool to help you know when customers arrive to pickup their order.

A bot of legislative proximity that seeks to promote communication between government and citizens through artificial intelligence.


Amicable is a divorce app which helps couples close an amicable agreement. The chatbot, Alex, provides instant andreal time support to users.


Una plataforma de participación ciudadana digital que permite visibilizar y priorizar propuestas ciudadanas a nivel nacional


Robota is a chatbot that guides workers to file a lawsuit against their current or former employers.


Radical Relay is your feisty aunty helping you ask those questions before, during, and after an appointment or ER visit.

Aunt Meiyu

A Taiwanese developer Carol created a chatbot called Aunt Meiyu on popular messaging app LINE. Aunt Meiyu is designed to combat disinformation circulated in private chat group, especially family chat groups

Cofact Thailand

Fight Misinformation in Thailand with Chatbot Fact-Checking

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