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Budget explorers help citizens understand where government funds -- and their tax contributions -- go. They're usually visual, and sometimes interactive, helping people become more literate in the budget-setting and expenditures process.

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IT platform for cities and amalgamated communities


ClearGov develops and provides a financial transparency and benchmarking platform for local governments and residents.

Marsad Budget

Marsad Budget is a continuation of Al Bawsala's work, which is based on monitoring the various institutions in charge of managing state affairs and the consecration of the principle of transparency and thus making available to the citizen, simplified and accessible information on the state budget

Barcelona Open Budget

A tool created for citizens and all those people or organizations that may be interested, which aims to facilitate the analysis and understanding of the budgets of the City of Barcelona.


BudgIT is a civic organization that applies technology to intersect citizen engagement with institutional improvement, to facilitate societal change.

Know Your Budget!

Know Your Budget is an initiative committed to giving Ugandan citizens access to timely and accurate budget information, and real opportunities to participate in government budget processes. You can learn about the Budget process on the Budget Basics pages. You can access and download budget and expenditure data through the Budget Dashboard. You can access published government documents through the Budget Library.

Transparența Bugetară

Ministerul Finanțelor Publice a creat Sistemul naţional de verificare, monitorizare, raportare şi control al situaţiilor financiare, angajamentelor legale şi bugetelor entităților publice din România. Aici poți găsi informații despre activitatea financiar-bugetară a acestora.

Operation Serenata de Amor

An open project that uses data science - the same technologies used by giants like Google, Facebook and Netflix - for the purpose of monitoring public spending and sharing information in a way accessible to everyone.

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